Choobak corporation is established, since 1996, with the aim of producing high-quality wooden textile, furniture to meet the taste of those appreciating high-grade furniture. So far Choobak paved its way to secure a good reputation by constantly providing a variety of modern and classic furniture that suits the sophisticated taste of our customers. Exploiting the very best Russian lumber is our signature mark which maintained customers satisfactory over the years. Finest grained sanding and finishings that exhibit the beauty and grace of wooden textile have been our aesthetic indicator in the market since the very first day.

At Choobak we are doing our best to meet your aesthetic high-standards with long lasting products that are not only pleasing to the eye but also comforting. Over the years we have managed to gain your trust by proving high-end furniture to you, your offsprings, your parent, relatives, and friends. We are working hard not to maintain but to increase customer satisfaction level for we believe we all belong to a great family who should never turn back to each other.

Hoping, there comes a day that we proudly hold heads up to the sky, making a big leap of faith, towards the development of our beloved Iran.

Yours Truely,
Choobak Corp.